What A Woman Thinks When You Send Her A Naughty Pic Of Your D!CK. MEN PLEASE TAKE NOTE!!

When it comes to guys, every girl has her thing. Be it dimples or lips or shoulders or arms, there’s no shortage of beautiful body parts that we could appreciate for hours. But despite what many of you may have been led to believe (by who, we have no clue) an unsolicited picture of your junk isn’t one of them. Certainly not on its own, and especially if we don’t have a personal relationship with it.

So stop sending us d!ck pics we didn’t ask for.

Seriously, we don’t want to see them. In cases where we’re actually interested in said junk, imagining it is more than enough. (And probably better, too.) And while it’s hard to pinpoint when exactly sending d!ck pics became an acceptable “thing”, or who told you it was OK, all I can tell you, on behalf of every girl I know, is that they lied. And whatever you think you’re doing or saying or achieving with these little treasures of yours, it’s the exact opposite that comes through.

Here’s a look what happens on the other side after you press send.

#1. “Ew, Gross” If you’re not going to take a few minutes to make sure the picture is actually worth it — grooming, lighting, angles, clear composition so that we don’t mistake graininess and shadows for something much worse — don’t take it. And though you may be proud of how big Jr. is, or how many rodeos you two have won together, none of that translates in a picture. None. The best way to make a woman think your p’εnis is beautiful is to use it to please her. Because a visual is only going to remind her of every other p’εnis she’s ever seen, and trust me, you don’t want her to go down that road.

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