Treasure Chest: What A Man’s BR£ASTS Size Preference Says About His Personality Traits

Br’εasts have not only evolved as a means of feeding but as a measure of mate selection for men. A woman’s br’εast size can reveal a plethora of information regarding her age and fertility. This is why men unconsciously are on the prowl for a woman with the right chest-to-waist-to-hip ratio.

Larry Young and Brian Alexander, have dissected the emotional, biological, and cultural reasons behind why men love br’εasts. They affirm a woman’s chest is an area that naturally revs up a man’s sεxμal drive.

“Men are the only male mammals fascinated by br’εasts in a sεxμal context,” Young wrote. “And women are the only female mammals whose br’εasts become enlarged at puberty, independent of pregnancy. We are also the only species in which males car’εss, massage, and even 0rally stimμlatε the female br’εasts during for’ε.play and s’εx.”

When a man touchεs, massagεs, or nibblεs a woman’s br’εasts, it sparks the same process of brain events as nursing. A baby’s stimulation of its mother’s br’εasts triggers the release of oxytocin from the hypothalamus, which promotes mother-infant bonding. This explains why human sεxμality has “exploited” the mother-infant bonding brain circuitry to establish bonds between lovers.

Men’s obsession with breasts is not only biological, however. It can also reveal their personality traits.

#1. HUNGRY MEN PREFER BIG BR£ASTS. Large br’εasts are subconsciously seen as “food security” for men because they act as a signal for fat reserves, which translates to access to an abundance of resources. Since ethnicity is known to influence br’εast size preferences, a group of British researchers sought to examine the effect hunger and satiety had on white men’s br’εast size preference, to eliminate any factors that may affect the outcome. The two-part 2008 study published in The Journal of Socio-Economics found hungry men preferred larger br’εasts compared to satiated men. It seems resource security significantly impacts a man’s preference in br’εast size.

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