Basic Things An African Girl Will Do If She Does Not Like You {A MUST READ}

There are certain things that are synonymous to people from a particular place; this is a little bit different from culture since it is not attributed to be a lifestyle. There are certain reactions one can anticipate from a group of persons if that has become a norm for them. If you are interested in African girls, then this post is for you as you will find the content highly useful.

As pretty as African girls are, there are some things you need to know about them. African generally have their way of doing things; if an African lady does not like you, then you should watch out for the tips that will be shared here.

Sharing this is relevant since most people know the signs to watch out for when they want to know if a lady is into them or not. They know the test they should run in order to be sure the girls are into them. In as much as you know when an African girl is giving you the green light, you should know the things she is most likely to do if she does not fancy you. You can save yourself the stress and embarrassment of being a sissy simply because you keep tagging along when she obviously does not want to see you.

Find below some of the things an African girl will do if she does not like you:

#1. She frustrates you before giving you her number. If a girl is totally into you, she will be willing to give you her number as soon as you ask her for it. But if she figures out you will be one of those pesky guys around, she will give you a tough time before she lets you have it. It is at this point you get to know that she has lots of principles as she will give you enough reasons why giving you her number is an offence.

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