5 Signs You Should NEVER Ignore When Something Doesn’t Feel Right in Your Marriage

Do you ever get this feeling in your gut that things just aren’t right? We all get that feeling. Sometimes it’s a result of evidence we’ve compiled, and sometimes we can’t determine the root. Either way, the feeling is there, and it’s strong.

Life has taught me that ignoring that feeling in my gut will get me in trouble time and time again. I try my best to ‘listen’ when something doesn’t feel quite right in any area of my life.

So many of us pay attention to that gut feeling when it comes to our kids and our businesses, but when it comes to our marriages and relationships, we choose to ignore the feeling for far too long.

Why is that? Why do we decide to just “wait and see” when it comes to our mates, especially when it’s someone we’ve chosen to spend the rest of our lives with?

I don’t know the answer. I suspect our reason for pause has something to do with denial and preservation. We are in denial that our marriages are in trouble, and we want to preserve all of the good memories we have. I get it. But that doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do. Ignoring your gut is never the right thing to do.

So what are some signs that may be giving you that gut feeling, indicating that there’s a growing problem in your marriage? Here are a few.

Your spouse is pulling away. Distance between partners is typically a sign that something is up. It could be as serious as infidelity or as simple as your spouse being under a lot of stress at work. But when you feel like your spouse is pulling away from you, it shouldn’t be ignored. It’s a sign that something is wrong. You have to make and effort to figure out what that something is.

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