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6 Major Signs She Is Only Using You

We are really tired of the society thinking it is only men who use women for s’εx and dump them. This thinking is more sentimental than factual; women are also guilty of this charge.

Women know it is almost impossible finding a perfect man in this society of ours, thus, they keep different men and attach various uses to them.

Some men are kept for financial purposes, they have friends that could sort them emotionally and they also keep men who would satisfy them sεxμally.

As a matter of fact, women nowadays date guys just to sleep with them. Some women merely go into a
relationship just for s’εx:’ and they end up using the men. Most women know that men are bound to act if they knew they were just using them for that; in view of this, they mislead them and make them feel it is a proper relationship.

There are certain signs to watch out for if you want to know if your woman is using you for s’εx or she is in that relationship for real. Depending on your objectives too as a man, it could be a win-win
relationship if all you both want is s’εx and nothing more.

Find below some of the signs that say a woman is merely using you for s’εx

#1. When she never says no: Something might be quite fishy if your woman does not ever object to you having s’εx with her. It might be quite normal for her to have a heightened sεxμal life but when she cannot hold it and she pulls down your trousers as soon as you see her, then you may start to reevaluate the affair. She may be dating you for the s’εx only.

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