If You Chat With A woman This Way, She Will Find You Attractive

Some guys are boring! Ladies get turned off after spending the first few minutes with them because they feel they have nothing to offer. It is quite possible for you to have a hold on the ladies you meet and make them get addicted to you.

This would only happen if you have a cool style and know how to chat women up. Now, no one is asking you to be petty; ladies do not like it when you drop lame lines all the time while you chat them up. Some also get irritated when you keep acting like you care by asking them if they have eaten and what they ate.

This generation has everything but patience; the ladies are not ready to waste time trying to discover how interesting you are. You have to be impulsive, adventurous and witty to get their attention in the first place. You also have to know the right things to say while chatting them up otherwise, your follow-up plan will be ruined.

Have you ever wondered why some girls remain glued to their phones and keep smiling at the screen? That is because they are enjoying the conversation they are having with whoever it is they are chatting with. This could be you; it is quite possible for you to make a girl stay glued to you by following the texting style guide that you would find here.

After this, you should never feel funny when it is time to chat with a woman. Find some of the texting style you could follow below:

#1. Avoid rushing her with questions: If you are inquisitive and eager to know everything about the girl you have just met, you need to take a chill pill. Girls find it boring when you string them with series of questions; they become edgy and would be sensitive to you and your questions.

This is because you are making them feel like they are being interrogated instead. It is lame when you chat with a woman and send her questions like ‘how are you?‘ ‘Did you go out today?‘ ‘Who was with you?‘ ‘When did you get back?‘ You have to slow down a bit.

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