If These 5 Things Keep Happening In Your Relationship, It Needs To End

Breaking up is hard, but sometimes it’s necessary. You’ll do more damage staying than you will moving on. Bickering and bantering turns into expletives without explanation. Next thing you know, you are either so close to each other’s faces you can feel the heat surging off of your partner’s body, or you both have claimed your own corner away from each other, avoiding eye and physical contact as if you were strangers.

Breaking up is hard. That is why there are millions of books, TV shows and songs basking in the woes of it all. It happened, it was magical and it was over (or some variation of this). A strong cocktail of roller coasters, divergent paths and split feelings follow.

It’s hard to say which is harder: being single or being in a relationship. Really, it depends on who you are, whom you are with and what you ultimately want out of life.

In all honesty, I can personally say that trying to salvage and mold my relationship into something I’d imagined it could be was almost, if not just as hard as, letting go.

Based on my experiences and current dealings with the break-up gods, here are five red flags you may want to consider if you are thinking about ending your current relationship:

#1. You are constantly second-guessing your partner. This is numero uno for a reason. If you’re constantly second-guessing your partner’s beliefs, choices and life goals, maybe even every day, this hints at a lack of trust.

While it’s OK to disagree with your partner and have differing beliefs and goals, you both should be able to understand and support one another.

If your differences lead to arguments or affect choices you make as a couple leaving you dissatisfied and unheard, it may be time for a change.

As the cliché goes, trust is the crown piece of a relationship. If that quintessential piece is missing, the game is lost.

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