Top 7 Ways In Which Women Destroy Their Marriages. You Are Guilty Of No 6

There are so many failed marriages in the society these days. It has become a norm for people to walk out of their marriages without looking back. The fault of the men would be reviewed at a later time while we concentrate on the role women play when marriages crash.

Men are believed to be the head of the family. Although many men use this in their arguments when they want to bully their partners, what they do not know is that the head cannot stand without the body. Women are the necks on which the heads stand. This is one of the reasons why people are quick to blame them when the union starts to crash.

In view of this, there are certain things women do that make their marriages fall apart. Some women feel so at peace in their relationships that they start to misbehave. Many create problems by themselves and do nothing to save the situation even when they could.

While women are being educated on the need to speak up and not put up with domestic violence, they should also learn fight for what is right. Below are some the ways in which women destroy their marriages:

#1. High expectations. Most young women getting married now have high expectations. This may not be a problem if their partners are financially buoyant. But when women want to live above their husbands’ means, then there would be problems. They would be pushing their husbands beyond their limits and it would definitely get to the point where they would snap. When men snap, then develop immunity for the women’s thoughts and pushes.

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