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7 Ways To Identify Broke Girls, A MUST READ!!

It is definitely not new to see girls who go out of their ways to give people the impression they are comfortable when in reality, they are broke. As a matter of fact, we tend to run into girls like that
often; they live fake lives and give everyone around them the impression they are big and are born with silver spoon. Not only is this height of deception they use vague, it is also one of the traits people who are shallow minded possess.

Why would you go out of your way trying to be someone you really are not? Why would you borrow money or steal just because you want to put up a rich girl façade? Who does forming help? The only thing is you end up being more broke while you chase away people who might be interested in helping you because you must have given them the impression you are rich and do not need help.

Without trying to defame anyone, we would be looking at some of the ways you can pick out broke girls who do everything they could not to look the part. This would perhaps help men to steer clear of ladies like that or even bring a feeling of self-consciousness to ladies who live like that.

Read some of the signs below:

#1. They are mainly girls who take pictures in hotel baths and toilets: You could never get it wrong if you use this point to pick out girls who are always trying to appear big. These girls upon visiting the cinemas, expensive bars and restaurants visit the rest rooms just to take pictures.

These pictures are uploaded as display pictures on BBM or profile pictures on whatsapp. The point is we know that is not your personal bathroom and toilet so top doing it.

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