7 Small (But Hurtful) Ways You ‘Cheat On’ Your Spouse Every Day

It starts with subtle betrayal. Most of us think that cheating is the ultimate act of relationship betrayal.

But, let’s get real — people don’t just suddenly decide to trash their marriage vows like that out of nowhere. They don’t go to bed 100 percent bed faithful and then wake up with adulterous morning plans.

Instead of a sudden, shocking downpour … the truth is, infidelity is actually a storm that brews slowly.

Usually, this starts with dozens of mini betrayals. Things that occur in your marriage that slowly but surely crack the relationship’s foundation.

Some of these are obvious — lying to your partner, openly flirting with a co-worker, talking to your old high school flame on Facebook way too much. But some betrayals aren’t so overt.

And it’s these less obvious betrayals that actually do the most damage. Why? Because they let you form destructive habits that slip under your partner’s radar. And those acts quietly open the door to major acts of betrayal that can lead to divorce.

So, what exactly are these mini betrayals? Here’s the list:

#1. You have secret relationships: Almost everyone has a relationship outside of their marriage. Exes we’re still friends with, co-workers we laugh with, best friends we share our deepest thoughts with. That’s all fine and healthy. But problems arise when you use those relationships to fulfill emotional needs not being met in your marriage.

How do you know if you’re doing this? It’s easy. Ask yourself one simple question: “Would I act the same with this other person if my significant other was watching?”

If you answer “No,” you’re likely crossing boundaries that lead into dangerous territory.

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