5 Things That Starts To Suck Once You’re Actually In A Relationship

Being in a relationship has become a major goal in life for people our age. Almost everyone, man or woman, is looking for that special someone to hold on to at night, someone to share his or her dreams and achievements with and someone to share his or her life with.

That’s all well and good and everything, but I think single people forget how boring and sucky being in a relationship can be. Sure, you think you’ve found “The One” or whatever, but inevitably, certain aspects of your life start to really suck and get insanely boring.

#1. Your bank account: Sure, Jennifer Lopez said her love “don’t cost a thing,” but she is completely incorrect, both grammatically and practically.

Being in a relationship costs money. You still need to go out and do stuff with your significant other. People think that when someone is in a relationship, all he or she does is sit on the couch with his or her lover and watch TV for months.

That’s simply not true. Holy crap is that not true. If you’ve ever been in a relationship, you know the pressure of having to come up with new and exciting date ideas and gifts that let your SO know you still care and think about him or her. You will be spending a lot more money than you think.

Plus, it’s not like when you go out on those dates with your boyfriend or girlfriend, all of a sudden it’s a 50-50 split of the bill. Someone is always burdened with paying for things, and that can take a huge chunk out of one’s financials.

We need to stop pretending that relationships don’t cost money.

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