5 Signs Its Time To Let Go Of Him

There’s always a rush of emotions when you start dating someone new. It’s exciting to find someone you feel a connection with and enjoy spending time with, but there is a lot of worry and uncertainty that comes with new relationships as well. For the first few weeks or months of a relationship, both you and your man are on your best behaviour, usually only seeing the best versions of each other. While valuable lessons can be learned from dating people of various personality types, ending a relationship as soon as you know it shouldn’t go anywhere can save a lot of heartache. Here are some signs that the man you are dating might not be right for you:

#1. You don’t like who he becomes when he gets stressed out: When I was dating my husband, we got a flat tire while driving one night. I was pleasantly surprised to see the patience he displayed. He laughed at the predicament. Through the years since that night, neither of us has always shown such good humour when trying times have come. But, more often than not, we have realized that life is easier to handle when viewed from a more positive angle.

Having a man in your life who is able to give you that positivity is valuable. We all feel the pressures and anxieties from work, school, family and health issues. Consider how the new man in your life manages these acute stressors. Now, times that by five. This will give you a fairly accurate picture of how he might manage stress after marriage and children. If you don’t like what you imagine, consider leaving the relationship. Yes, people can grow and change, but in case your man doesn’t, make sure you’re okay with his natural response to stress.

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