5 Signs That Show A Man IS NOT Into You

It’s great to be in love, but being in love isn’t all just fun and games. Make sure your man loves you back by paying attention to these five signals.

Love should not be one-sided. Love should be an exchange of loyalty, sincerity and charity. If you seem to be the only one giving these qualities to your relationship, take some time to consider who you are with. Though it can be difficult to see warning signs when you are head of heels in love, the cost of not doing so is devastating.

When you are dating, try to separate your head from your heart. In this ‘honeymoon’ stage of the relationship, we tend to think that everything our love does is exciting and romantic. But this part of the courtship period should be used to analyze similarities and differences between you. Try to see your relationship at face value, without all the romance. Dating needs to be a time to share experiences and maybe get a glimpse at what your future would be like together. If you are paying attention to more than the butterflies in your stomach, you might see that you aren’t getting his full attention or devotion. Now is the time to see if this relationship would be worth it or not.

Pay attention and see if you see these five things in your relationship:

#1. You don’t share goals: Even though both of you have independent lives and personalities, there should be some goals you share as a couple. If the someone in your life isn’t sharing his achievements, applauding yours, looking to participate in any sort of goal you and him can reach together be warned; he’s not that interested.

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