LADIES!! 10 Signs That He Is Mr. Wrong

It’s important to meet a man who shares your core values so that you’re always singing from the same song sheet. It’s okay to have different tastes and interests, but compatible values are fundamental.

Hitting the jackpot in a relationship is not easy. Before we find Mr Right, many of us have to go through the whole tiresome charade of dating Mr Clumsy, Mr Perfection, Mr Vain, Mr Loser, and sometimes even Mr Unfaithful.

All of them are Mr Wrong.

Sometimes, though, it isn’t easy to detect when you’re going out with the wrong guy. Sure, your man might have a few bad habits and flaws, but haven’t we all? Moreover, isn’t it these things that make us human?

If, however, your partner’s issues are now becoming more and more annoying, so much so that you’re beginning to question whether he’s wrong or right for you, you can take a step closer to relationship confidence by checking out our top 10 signs that you’re dating Mr Wrong. Let’s take a look.

He’s selfish: Good relationships are built on compromise. Sometimes, we don’t want to have to let our man go away for a whole weekend because of the Super Bowl, but we relent as long as he won’t get too drunk.

Sometimes, our man doesn’t want to come out shopping with us, but he relents when he knows it will make us happy.

If your man is too selfish to compromise, and wants everything his own way, it’s a surefire sign that he’s not a keeper. Moreover, it’s also a sign that he just hasn’t grown up yet. Healthy, mature men know how to compromise. They know that if they invest in a relationship the right way, they’ll get a lot more out of it.

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